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STEP 1 - Call Empire Restoration to set up a complimentary inspection of your roof, gutters, siding, etc. We will inspect your home for any and all hail, wind, and/or storm damage.
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STEP 2 - If we find damage, we will then (with your authorization) work with your insurance company to file a claim that will fully correct/replace any issues, and get you the maximum benefits of your policy. Empire Restoration is a leading expert in the field of insurance coverage and claims in the Bluegrass region.
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STEP 3 - To start the process, you can call us with your adjuster’s information, or you can have your adjuster contact us directly. We will set up an appointment to meet and review your property. It is very important to have us there to represent you during this appointment. Please do not allow your adjuster to look at your roof alone, even if they tell you that they do not need us present.
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STEP 4 - We will inspect the areas of your property together and discuss the covered damages and necessary repairs that will be required. We will then come to a verbal agreement. As your advocates, we will point out damages that they may or may not see, as well as we will make sure that they understand the Kentucky required building codes and manufacturer's specifications. Your adjuster may be a very nice and fair person, but it's important to remember they work for your insurance company and Empire Restoration works for you.
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STEP 5 - After the initial meeting and review of your property, the adjuster will send you paperwork listing the damages that are covered. It is important to forward any official paperwork you receive from your insurance company to Empire Restoration so we can verify that the damages have been fairly evaluated and accurately reported.
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STEP 6 - We will then choose a date for the work to be performed. We will confirm your selected shingle type, gutter and siding (if applicable). This might be an opportunity to change the whole color scheme of your home, and we would be glad to assist you in the creative process.
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STEP 7 - After all the decisions have been made, Empire Restoration will begin work and complete your job...before we are paid! All you need to pay us is your deductible (if applicable) and we will complete the job as soon as possible. Empire is proud to be one of the only companies in the Bluegrass that does not require our customers to worry about finances when storm damage happens. We have worked with all the insurance companies for years and we are more than willing to allow their normal payment process to play out. This will never hold up our efforts to complete your job as soon as possible. This is one of the many reasons that Empire has such satisfied customers. No Financial Stress!
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STEP 8 - After we complete the job, the Empire crew will walk with you to inspect and appreciate all of the work that we have performed.
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STEP 9 - You will then sign a “certificate of completion” to send to your insurance company to release the final monies now that the job is complete.
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STEP 10 - RELAX - Your new Empire roof comes with a 10-year labor guarantee. YES, you read that right! Not only do we guarantee the materials like everyone else (per manufacturer's guarantee)...we also guarantee “our” labor. You will not find another roofing company in our region that will offer you a 10-year guarantee on their labor. We can do this because we truly stand behind our work and build your roof “Empire Strong”.